Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

As we continue to work towards becoming a full scale automaker rather than an off-label supplier for other automobile manufacturers, we feel it’s a good idea to show you our game plan. Thank you. JL Mealer CLICK THE PROFORMA BELOW to download/open a new page

February 2015 is here and although it’s been a long stretch of touch and go funding and small purchases of “unbranded vehicles” out the door (I hate the idea of building cars for other companies and not labeling them with the Mealer name.. But we don’t do title work) it’s also been an interesting seven years.

With JL Mealer running for governor of Arizona for 2014 and onward, this website has long since been neglected. We will have new updates and possible funding this coming year. Please stay tuned.    

There has been a recent attack against ethanol by Associated Press writers Dina Cappiello and Matt Apuzzo with assistance from Jack Gillum in Washington and Chet Brokaw in Roscoe, S.D., in their article “The secret, dirty cost of Obama’s green power push” . First off: I am not a big fan of President Obama. In […]

Not surprisingly, the Arizona District Court finally sent Mealer v GMAC et al. first california federal routing code onto the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals…. Evidently, I had asked to be placed into the position to appeal certain issues (too many times), and they gave it to me. I must remember….. “undaunted”… “undaunted”…”undaunted”… 

It’s about time we once again discuss funding the full development (USDOT approved road and MFG ready) Mealer Automobile. I will never ask the general public for funds, and the US Government will not loan to anyone who does not tow the line, but instead I am seeking out our once Arizona, Tennessee, California, Texas and Virginia […]

  .     I am getting really sick and tired of these tax payer funded lawyers (keep in mind, I am not referring to court attorneys who are obviously ‘tax payer funded’, but only the bailed-out companies’ who have attacked me “lawyers”) going through this funding bouncing board website of mine and selecting “out of context” phrases […]

There are some things in this world that simply make no sense whatsoever…. Except that evil truly does exist and much of that evil is in the form of people praying on the weakness of others. We’re not discussing the 200 lb bully kicking sand in the face of the 98 lb weakling on a […]

The saga drags on, but opportunity abounds (if you can search it out). Why do I get the feeling I’m starting over again? GM-GMAC and their legion of demons… errr… ahhh… I mean the tax payer GM-GMAC  “funded” and (tax payer banked) lawyers are still pushing the issues against the Mealer Automobile, myself and my family. […]

Had to come back and check for typos-Nov 3rd, ’10…. Should be good to go. My wife has begun her chemo today. What was diagnosed as stage 3 Colo-rectal cancer from out of nowhere in July 2010, is in all reality stage 4 cancer “seeds” in her peritoneal cavity which is supposedly fatal. This latest morbid news of my […]

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