JL Mealer

JL Mealer


  1. Ben Plymale

    To: Mr. J.L. Mealer, CEO & Founder —
    Mealer American Motors
    From: Ben Plymale —
    Automotive Dealership Consultant
    bplymale@aol.com http://www.AutoAuditHelp.com

    Mr. Mealer,

    You and I have exchanged various comments on LikedIn website regarding ‘Old GM Stock’ vs. ‘New GM Stock’ — I’ve appreciate your comments and apparent support to my feelings regarding General Motor’s present actions towards GM Stock.

    I have visited your website, apparently your involved with development and future sales / service of electrical powered vehicles. I’m a strong believer future U.S. cars & truck transportation needs to be accomplished by electrical powered vehicles as opposed to gasoline powered vehicles.

    I’m sure your aware of my background as a field Dealer Representative for General Motors and Chevrolet Motor Div. (retired from GM – 9/1/95) I’d be very interested in development of Dealerships selling and servicing electrical powered vehicles.

    I look forward to your reply —
    Ben Plymale bplymale@aol.com

  2. Carter Ward

    we have an Automotive shop at home because my dad and i loves automobiles. ~**

  3. JLM (Post author)

    Very good Carter.
    I’d like to see some of the work you and your dad have done.
    Stay safe and keep the automobiles rolling.

  4. Lexie Wilkinson

    me and my brothers do have lots of passion about automotive stuffs:.~

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