Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

As we continue to work towards becoming a full scale automaker rather than an off-label supplier for other automobile manufacturers, we feel it’s a good idea to show you our game plan.

Thank you.
JL Mealer

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February 2015 is here and although it’s been a long stretch of touch and go funding and small purchases of “unbranded vehicles” out the door (I hate the idea of building cars for other companies and not labeling them with the Mealer name.. But we don’t do title work) it’s also been an interesting seven years.

I’ve run for Arizona governor without any type of budget in an attempt to push the legislature into making INDUSTRIAL HEMP Arizona’s economic backbone. So far, it’s becoming a dialogue even under the pressure from those very large conglomerates who outlawed it in the first place.

Their theory? “Why allow a cheaper, stronger, longer lasting yet biodegradable product to compete with plastics made from oil, fuel made from corn and a product with a growth rate that it out produces all other textile products on the market?” That would be my question as well, if I were not privvy to the corruption of elected officials who turn a blind eye and oftentimes make millions for writing laws to stifle competition of the companies who pay them to keep quite.

Many people reading my notes know that I am following the footsteps of other automobile manufacturers (Henry Ford’s theory here) in regards to hemp body panels and hemp bio-fuels along with hemp alcohol-fuel. and of course the idea that the Mealer Automobile must be a superior built vehicle and affordable enough for most people to own. Those who are elected to office do not want this to happen until the conglomerates have their foot solidly in the hemp industry door, so as to prevent anyone else from making money from the new-old industry. This is common procedure for corrupt politicians and corrupt bribing special interest groups/conglomerates/cabals.

Sure, I can prove it, and as I make a run for US Senate in 2016 —-John McCain’s seat—- I have my goals and hurdles lined up. Why run for US Senate? It works well with both Mealer Companies ability to build YOU the vehicle and power devices (in one) and in my ability to put a dent in the corruption that keeps most Americans under the heel of the others.

I am not talking wealth redistribution by any means. But we must have equal opportunity in everything we do and when lawmakers are bought by super conglomerates to keep the little guy from making a living (happened to me with GMC in 2009), America will never see the Mealer Automobile or other competitive products for a variety of industries… Investors will never have an open opportunity to make their wealth through an honest source.

Would I serve the US Senate if I win? Yes, of course.
Can I still run Mealer Companies LLC if I am a Senator? Yes, of course, but my payroll for anything involving my personal goal to legalize industrial hemp, would need to be turned over to the company or the investors in order to avoid the conflict of interest and charges of fraud. I’m okay with that.

I have recently began working with a company specializing in Industrial hemp and they’ve asked me to serve on their Board of Directors. After checking with the lawyers I may post the company name.

Another quick note… A foreign company/government is courting me to potentially Mfg automobiles for them, right here in the USA. I want to label them Mealer, but we will see how this turns out.

JL Mealer


With JL Mealer running for governor of Arizona for 2014 and onward, this website has long since been neglected. We will have new updates and possible funding this coming year. Please stay tuned.



There has been a recent attack against ethanol by Associated Press writers Dina Cappiello and Matt Apuzzo with assistance from Jack Gillum in Washington and Chet Brokaw in Roscoe, S.D., in their article “The secret, dirty cost of Obama’s green power push” .

First off: I am not a big fan of President Obama. In fact, I am no real fan at all. This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans for the matter. It has to do with the fraud, deceit and illegal activities of all elected officials.

Secondly:  I am no fan of Ethanol per to se. It’s a fuel and a clean burning fuel at that. The Mealer Automobile flagship vehicle will not use it… But it is just another clean burning fuel. Ethanol is not a bad fuel by any means.

The article states the destruction of the land in order to grow corn and although that is correct to a degree, but it would be correct in any situation where you suddenly give free land to anyone who will take it and provide a government subsidized product. Especially when it is a program where the government will not only subsidize the new field of corn, but leave off every rule of engagement when it comes to growing it on what was once public/reserve land.

Does the saying ‘a kid in the candy store’ strike a cord?

Other than that… Corn oil is not so bad. I have no real use for it and I have even less use for President Obama’s agenda. However, the truth must be told and it should not be skewed.

When a group of people are struggling to make ends meet and the government comes in and offers them land they never thought they’d have plus a nearly blank check to develop whatever they could rush to plant on AND the agreement to buy the end product… The results cannot be good!

The Mealer Automobile will run circles around any vehicle and since I don’t believe in man-made global warming to the degree of the Al Gore loonies, I cannot profess a special place in my heart for a clean burning and cleanly derived fuel such as Ethanol or corn oil (moonshine)… I will state for the record that ethanol is the cleanest of the non-Mealer made fuels that is in existence today.

Cleanest burning- Except for water of course, but then again, let’s begin looking at what it takes to create the devices that turn water into hydrogen and we’ll come up with a scene pretty much like corn fed Iowans gone mad with an opportunity they cannot pass up. Except I, for one, will not be wearing bib over-alls, and if we write the story it will be truthful.

By the way… Did I mention Arizona Motorsports and the Grand Prix Developmental Committee? I should have. With the recent series of issues going on behind the scenes, I would wager that this attack against ethanol was in part due to the successful track record and proven viability of ethanol in motorsports and the pending 300 mph sustained race using ethanol as a fuel-power source.

Not surprisingly, the Arizona District Court finally sent Mealer v GMAC et al.

first california federal routing code

onto the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals…. Evidently, I had asked to be placed into the position to appeal certain issues (too many times), and they gave it to me.

I must remember….. “undaunted”… “undaunted”…”undaunted”… 


It’s about time we once again discuss funding the full development (USDOT approved road and MFG ready) Mealer Automobile. I will never ask the general public for funds, and the US Government will not loan to anyone who does not tow the line, but instead I am seeking out our once Arizona, Tennessee, California, Texas and Virginia  based and other globally located investment firms and venture Capitalists.

first california federal routing code

It’s uphill after the June 9th, 2009 ordeal.

Although the drive to find our funding is still alive, the deliberate wounds and deep scars left after the malicious GM-GMAC’s intentional interference with our prospective investors in the summer of 2009 remains as they seemingly (attempt to) walk away unaccountable for their crimes. Both myself and the law consider the postings of injurious falsehoods in front of my prospects as a crime, and as GM and GMAC continue to maintain these libelous, defamatory actions are a form of unfair competition [since they refuse to publicly and corporately apologize and ask me to remove their postings, the attack is ongoing and unresolved…]

When GM-GMAC entered my funding website and pretended to be top notch investors posing as “MONEY01” while professing to be “real engineers of real automobiles” (GM had failed at the time, so figure that one out!). It turns out that the key 26 year veteran GM engineer using GMAC maintained equipment while at work for GM using a GM computer, electricity, office chair (unless he was squatting somewhere in the dark recesses of his dead engineering world), was retiring in only a few months…. So…. Whatever strategic injurious falsehoods he was ‘goaded to type’ before my prospects and then follow up with direct emails to various prospects and pending customers defaming me, obviously could not and  would not harm his job (when I filed the lawsuit).

My move to “play-off” the attack as ‘beneath me’, yet which was sent via RSS FEED to my prospective investors and customers stopped me dead in my tracks the day it was published. Bad thing for the world (and Mealer Companies), since the funding that was a step away from a series of critical meetings simply vanished as did the prospective pre-MFG sales.

I am far from finished with my search to locate and gather funding to complete the full development and manufacture of the Mealer Automobile. The lawsuit ensues and life moves onward. What else can I do?

It’s entertaining at the very least, to read the GM (MLC) lawyers try to convince a federal judge that because I was honest enough to leave the GM published-GM assault and postings of the injurious falsehoods on my website for “18 months” that I somehow was allowing it to keep me down. The attack did immediate damage where it was intended to do the damage… With my prospective investors and clients. From my perspective, removing GM’s post and hiding it from the public would have been along the lines of GM and GMAC’s lies to the public that caused the financial crash of 2008-2009 (along with Barney Frank’s bank forced home loan mess).

Mealer Companies is pushing for that ever so needed funding for growth expansion of our company… which I like to say and believe is “just around the corner”… (Yes, the highly skilled GM-GMAC legal eagles have had a field day with that comment as well).

The gist of this note is to say, IF GM was so worried about our vehicles and power supply that they had to shut down our growth funding, we must have somethingRight?

“Man’s mind, stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions.”

“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.”


.     I am getting really sick and tired of these tax payer funded lawyers (keep in mind, I am not referring to court attorneys who are obviously ‘tax payer funded’, but only the bailed-out companies’ who have attacked me “lawyers”) going through this funding bouncing board website of mine and selecting “out of context” phrases and comments that will help their case… The facts are:

The injurious falsehood and trade libel and prospective advantage interference damages were done as soon as GM left their RSS FEED messages on June 9th, 2009. 

Any attempt(s) I have made posting the private and nasty admission and pseudo-apology from only ONE of the GM engineers (who was oddly retiring at that time and had nothing to lose when GM, GMAC goaded him into crushing prospective and pending funding growth for Mealer Companies and ruining my name), my connected public comments and actions are obviously intended to try to “save face” as the prospective Japanese and South Korean investors had told me was inadvertently lost from their perspective when I was ‘attacked’ and did nothing legally to defend myself.

first california federal routing code

It will be interesting to see what the legal eagles in and around EADS & 15 St in Arlington and again the presitgious law firm running the GM-MLC-New GM transfer bouncing off of 20 W 55th St Ny, Ny…. [No names for your sake.] HOWEVER, the investment firms who also bounce off that tower are more than welcome!

Like we’ve discussed, (refering to the attorneys for GM, GMAC) I am the goodguy here and the initial damage has been done and by refusing to publicly apologize for your illegal actions continue to commit antitrust activity… So.. If you want to stay on Santa’s list, play nice and do what is right.

There are some things in this world that simply make no sense whatsoever…. Except that evil truly does exist and much of that evil is in the form of people praying on the weakness of others. We’re not discussing the 200 lb bully kicking sand in the face of the 98 lb weakling on a sunny beach in 1950 and stealing his girlfriend.

What this post is about is the very fact that one seemingly ruthless private attorney who is oblivious to the facts and to justice.. and she probably thrives on such words as compliments (while keeping her Rule Book of Satan and sacrificial daggers close to her bedside), (this applies to the 3000 or so private lawyers of GM and the other 3000 or so private lawyers of GMAC “all on the taxpayer dime) and of those degenerates all but 10%-20%..maybe even 30% are borderline to pure evil and no more than carpetbaggers at the very least praying on the weakness of individuals, but most the 10%-30%  exceptions are afraid to rock their little worlds. They all seem to make their lives by attending law school to better learn how to manipulate the truth and invent scenarios, and of course have huge potential and the mental capacity to do it well and within the confines of the ever changing US law and legal proceedures.

The decent lawyers are those who make certain justice is being served and due process is upheld… Honestly, and without my anger guiding my typing (or should I say my typos?), we can find both good and bad prosecutors and the same with defense attorneys.

I’m simply trying to save my life, my family and the MEALER AUTOMOBILE… But when the U.S. D.O.J. calls me directly and “suggests” “I drop the case” and then forwards me a form to sign and return dropping at the very least the US Treasury, I have to wonder who’s foot could I possibly have stepped on? Probably anyone and everyone with an investment in alternative energy, current energy sources, the entire world of automobile manufacturing and probably a few liberals and the religious right who I like to tease for not being strong enough to stand their ground. Of course… The taxes made by all energy sources is a huge issue since the vehicle and power source I have and hope to develope for manufacture in  the USA sale worldwide would kinda kill the huge gov’t tax plans.

first california federal routing code

After the destruction of my prospective funding in June 2009 while the US Treasury owned GM who then became Motors Liquidation Company (MLC) and eventually New GM (GM LLC then GM Company)… Same offices, same people, same UAW running the mfg, just a paper shuffle and a few key employee mega pay-offs… Anyhow, after the destruction of prospective funding, the New GM pushed the anti-competitive envelope to keep the Mealer Automobile and power source from making it to market. Of course, while this is going on, GMAC who somehow bought title to my home and the Mealer Companies LLC headquarters and proposed highly secured final R&D site decided to foreclose sell this home I built by myself  (hired the roofers) to one of the companies they have created. ((Probably ResCap or one of those versions of GMAC which was created by GM to begin with)).

I would like you, Ms. “Waterford, Michigan” lawyerto copy and present this posting to the court… Because I still truly believe that even though your client immediately destroyed my then prospective investors so that Mealer Companies LLC could not have been rival to GM and all other automakers especially under their self-inflicted state of failure… Mealer Companies, the Mealer Autombile and myself will prevail and we will not lose and I see a bright future because the good guys really do win when it’s all said and done. Even with a name change, this automobile and power source will always be a MEALER. (And sadly, you will always be you).

 And you can write a “note to self”… You work for the bad-guys (please forward it to your fellow bad-guys too).

By the way… I’ve only became somewhat “popular” after the incident caused by your client and GM-GMAC.

Pushing onward...

The saga drags on, but opportunity abounds (if you can search it out). Why do I get the feeling I’m starting over again?

GM-GMAC and their legion of demons… errr… ahhh… I mean the tax payer GM-GMAC  “funded” and (tax payer banked) lawyers are still pushing the issues against the Mealer Automobile, myself and my family. What makes no sense, is that I have a signed letter of confession from GM, while GMAC (referring to ResCap, GMAC Mortgage, GMAC LLC and whatever new entity they have become) has never denied the Intentional Interference With [my] Prospective Advantage  incident originated from the GMAC LLC headquarters at 200 Ren Cen in Detroit ….Which makes my mortgage holder GMAC Mortgage responsible due to the GMAC LLC, ResCap, GMAC Mort OMNIBUS cross collateralizing assets agreement which they registered with the SEC so they could get taxpayer funds to survive the Barney Frank mess…

Alright, most people who are still receiving the word press updates via RSS know that I am conservative without being a religious right, anti-welfare type… Simply because no one Coinstar money transfer deserves to go hungry and no one should be homeless for lack of work (or for the “alleged” crimes and torts committed by the GM-GMAC “aka the GM Family cabal”). If we get into politics, the goodguys on the Right don’t want to discuss this major anti-competitive issue because they assume it may stifle their corporate campaign funding (which it would not), while the left side of American politics refuses to touch this because of the union support and the harm it would cause their special interest groups if they spoke the truth about the union labor’s largest and most cozy UAW related employer.

Okay.. Let’s get beyond the legal issues for the rest of this update.

Mealer Companies LLC is still expecting or at least hoping to have  some sort of agreement to build another updated Mealer Automobile for a major car show within  the next couple of years. My name appears to be “blackened and muddled” with many of the venture capitalists as the GM-GMAC interference seems to have done it’s job and continues to do the very same job of anti-competitive behaviour since they refuse to remove or have removed their attack on my good name and the Mealer Automobile. I’ve never asked for too much… But they appear to have had other intentions. I just can’t get past the Coincidentally-Occurring,” ”Individually-Tortious,” “Unintentionally-Simultaneous” interruption concept of what they have done and continue to do while GM makes it as a new improved company.

first california federal routing code

IF the lawsuit fails and justice is denied, not only do we lose, but American small business loses as this case will open the door for any other conglomerate to crush the ‘little guy’ and entrepreneur from competing in the monopolies and what should be Capitalism but instead is Conglomerate-Corporatism (or something of that socialistic nature). Where’s Glenn Beck’s viewpoint when we need it? Oh Yes, he seems to believe that Theodore Roosevelt and Oliver Wendall Holmes were progressive when in fact they were the oppositie of what modern progressiveism turned out to be.

Wait, I said we were going beyond that issue didn’t I?

To be blunt… If this lawsuit fails then the world loses an automobile (the MEALER) that would provide power to your home and uses no outside fuel source… ((Not perpetually, but close enough to make you feel like it is))… AND free enterprise dies. I am doing what I can in court and I want America to have the full use of the Mealer Automobile and power source, but if the US Court System denies me justice, I make no promises for an immediate American made Mealer Automobile as I’d just as soon see this manufactured in a non-communist country where it can be imported to the USA.

Had to come back and check for typos-Nov 3rd, ’10…. Should be good to go.

My wife has begun her chemo today. What was diagnosed as stage 3 Colo-rectal cancer from out of nowhere in July 2010, is in all reality stage 4 cancer “seeds” in her peritoneal cavity which is supposedly fatal. This latest morbid news of my dear young wife allows us only ONE OPTION and an option that I fully expect the defendants’ of my State of Arizona County of Navajo Superior Court Case #CV2010000316, to move on. This hurts me more than the crimes and torts from the GM Family Cabal, but we still have a chance to keep her alive unlike what the ‘defendants’ have done to myself and my company. 

Sure we’ve had a few great sounding blog messages left about investors and such since your injurious falsehoods and devastating attack on June 9th, 2009 (and your follow up emails) … But most of these big talkers turned out to be no more than ‘tire kicking’ or to post their own links, while many of them are truly great people who hate what conglomerates such as yours have done to this great nation of ours.

For you attorneys who are either hired or merely reviewing my interim prospective funding website looking for legal goodies to further exploit me, I want to give you the heads up on an option.     What will be a one time offer for settlement.      You can tell your clients to expect a huge reduction in what I will demand from you for damages, both ongoing and initial by working with me here. If this goes down quick enough and you do not drag your feet when you know you are wrong and I am the victim, there is a radical procedure that can be done to save my wife’s life by the Tucson Medical University Hospital… the U of A… Which gives Cynthia a great chance… or at least a chance.

So, I expect these defendants’ and your clients to finally do the right thing, I am flexible with the anti-competitive tortious and criminal aggressors (you people) repaying me the damage you have intentionally done, prospered from and continue to do to this very day to destroy me. (Keep in mind your letter of confession). Do what is right and good for a change. Every penny made by GM and GMAC since June 9th, 2009 technically has been done so at my expense…. We call this engorgement.

Here is Mr. Health nut finding that the stress from GM, GMAC and the defendants’ of my lawsuit for the past year June ’09 to June ’10  has caused me several ‘small’ strokes which I was unaware of except for the MRI I had recently. It appears these strokes occured nearly each time I was refused a reply to the polite letters and phone calls to the CEOs of the GM Family ‘cabal’ of inner corporate leaders (who had the full ability to have a public corporate apology and to request I remove their “injurious falsehoods”… Simply to allow me to clear up the damages the GM Family did to my name and the Mealer products in hopes try to save the Mealer Automobile and Mealer Electronics USA mfg’d electrical gadgets which I was planning and discussing with prospective business connections and investment groups.

Keep in mind my friends at the Fort Washington, Maryland lawfirm(s) and others… GM has given me a viable letter of confession and as I have proven through the GM Family’s own SEC filings and other longtime documents which connect the entire group YET they claim to be not connected, makes for a solid conspiracy issue (although respondeat superior is good enough to sink all of them). Your clients did the crime and have continued the crime.

I have asked, requested, and even begged the CEOs of GM, ResCap, GMAC LLC, GMACM to do what is right and offer a public apology and to play fair by removing or asking to have removed their libel which had destroyed my $200M  prospective advantage (funding agreements), $30M in Mealer Automobile pre-mfg sales, and to end the perpetuation of your client’s ongoing attack which is what the Sherman Act is all about…. Do you understand that this is TWO major claims for two separate major incidents of interference and anti-competitive violations? Subject to TWICE the “3x’s the damages” per law? Case is done…. throw on the personal defamation, trade libel and you may as well begin figuring out and planning to NOT spend the unjust enrichment and engorgment of which the victim (Mealer Companies and myself, JL Mealer) would be due in full. Not to mention the other issues which I “unsophisticatedly” spelled out in my necessarily lengthy complaint. All 13 defendants are allowed what amounts to less than 8 pages each in a complaint by the way, especially when the law states that the fraud issues and anti-trust issues need to be detailed.

first california federal routing code

As Sylvestor Stallone said in Rambo  “… ‘They drew first blood sir, not me.. they drew first blood…” And to think, that I admired the Big Three at one time! Hey… at least Ford is still moving forward and that new Mustang for 2011 has got to be the next big thing…. Unless Chrysler steps up with another big winner too. Not knocking your GMC trucks or the Camaro, but I was ‘raised on’ Mercury Cougars, AMC Javelins and old beaten down Jeeps.

GM would not have made it sucessfully from OLD GM to NEW GM but for the destruction of myself and the Mealer Automobile… Even a blind jury can see this as fact. {engorgement}.

My friends, Federal gov’t, defense lawyers, etc… I am not your enemy but I have been severely destroyed by your clients and not only can I prove their direct collusion even prior to disclosure, but have a signed letter of confession from GM itself… For no better term, you’re done.
My wife is dying and so far, it appears you are taking advantage to my pro se stance, my family issues and the bankruptcy you forced me through.

Juries hate your types and you must keep that in mind!  
It would be great for you to try to prove you’re not all about creushing the little guy especially on tax payer funds…. I’m just saying.

You will get this in writing in a Motion of some sort once you respond to my complaint, but in a nutshell, this is what I want from your clients…

The full amount of damages by law paid 1/4 to a worthwhile Cancer Foundation, 1/4 to a Cancer Foundation in my wife’s name and the rest to myself so I can fund Mealer Companies LLC, build the Mealer Automobile and also begin thousands of smaller businesses so that we may save this nation’s dying economy before it’s too late… and to maybe to take my young sons and wife to Disneyland, Knotts and Legoland before we lose wife and mother.

Your clients get the write off for the Cancer Foundation(s) donation meaning they break even, plus they appear to be decent human beings running a legitimate company and we can work together to save this great country and you can call in your union mobsters to step up to the plate and do what’s right in training others to take on creating new USA mfg businesses and USA retail and exporting of the new US mfg’d products.

This will go public very soon, and the GM Family Cabal has a great chance to make themselves look like a worthwhile company that actually cares about this great nation and people in general… So don’t play games any longer or by the time we hit court your reputations will not be worth much…

Enough said and knowing lawyers, you’ll probably try to use this against me in court.

AND, If that’s the case… Hey…. knock yourselves out.  How many of you does GM, GMAC, ResCap, the UST, etc… employ?

The good-guy,

JL Mealer

By the way… Speaking of injury, here’s a good one for you… Would you believe that a man (myself) who has been riding powerful, full sized motorcycles for over 35 years wrecked a small mini bike sized prototyped “Mealer STS engine powered” 1950 Sears Roebuck “scooter” (Originally Made by Daimler/Benz and modified by myself to prove this engine system)… and I broke my damn ankle and leg?!(Yesterday evening) Right when my wife and sons need me most for support and to take up the slack at home, but I suppose my mind was elsewhere. Emergency surgery on Wednesday before the shards of bone slice nerves and such. This has got to be a movie or something!  Go ahead and laugh, because this embarrassment is worth a chuckle or two.

Sure, sure.. With updates like this one, you’ll expect to be seeing my birthmarks and tattoos, next. (I have neither, but quite a few scars just the same).