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SPECIAL NOTE: The Mealer Economic Plan has nothing to do with nor is it expected to be the future funding source for Mealer Companies and our Automobile Mfg. efforts. 

May 3rd, 2009

Mealer Companies LLC is gathering funding to begin full scale production of our automobile and 220v full power source (combined as one). We have the vehicle, the patents, the key personnel and are now simply procuring the key ingredient… The remainder of our investment money.

The MEALER (until and IF re-branding changes the name)is a vehicle that will utilize our disruptive technology “breakthrough” Mealer-STS engine /power source design.  It may take a tad bit of mental convergence to truly see the implications of the MEALER AUTOMOBILE (et al) and a few moments for the details to sink in, but when they do, you’ll begin to comprehend the extra quasi-political issues I cover on this word press site. 

Mealer Companies LLC is more than an automaker, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard than other businesses.

[Special note:  The MEALER-STS covering our patent terminology is somewhat misleading for a reason. We have not yet begun USA manufacturing and do not want this design to wind up in a country that does not abide by US patent laws.  Sure, this is a no-brainer for most people to comprehend, but certain ‘others’ continue to question the name of our power source as well as our giving up detailed information… Before we offer to sell a MEALER to you, you will know what it is all about.]

This is a full sized vehicle that has enough get up and go to safely travel the freeways loaded down with family and groceries as well as back and forth from lumber yard to job-site, or out to the lake towing a boat or even to the mountains and desert with snowmobiles and ATVs. The MEALER will always be a fair priced, useful, beautiful and extraordinarily safe vehicle.

We plan to build a few smaller models for people who prefer the compact sized vehicles, and we expect to go as large as tractor rigs (over-the-road long haulers) to keep the truckers up to speed.

There’s plenty more to say about Mealer Companies LLC …  But this is a good start.

JL Mealer


The MEALER is about you, your family, your country and the choices you make.
Wherever you may live and whoever you may be.