Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

February 2015 is here and although it’s been a long stretch of touch and go funding and small purchases of “unbranded vehicles” out the door (I hate the idea of building cars for other companies and not labeling them with the Mealer name.. But we don’t do title work) it’s also been an interesting seven years.

I’ve run for Arizona governor without any type of budget in an attempt to push the legislature into making INDUSTRIAL HEMP Arizona’s economic backbone. So far, it’s becoming a dialogue even under the pressure from those very large conglomerates who outlawed it in the first place.

Their theory? “Why allow a cheaper, stronger, longer lasting yet biodegradable product to compete with plastics made from oil, fuel made from corn and a product with a growth rate that it out produces all other textile products on the market?” That would be my question as well, if I were not privvy to the corruption of elected officials who turn a blind eye and oftentimes make millions for writing laws to stifle competition of the companies who pay them to keep quite.

Many people reading my notes know that I am following the footsteps of other automobile manufacturers (Henry Ford’s theory here) in regards to hemp body panels and hemp bio-fuels along with hemp alcohol-fuel. and of course the idea that the Mealer Automobile must be a superior built vehicle and affordable enough for most people to own. Those who are elected to office do not want this to happen until the conglomerates have their foot solidly in the hemp industry door, so as to prevent anyone else from making money from the new-old industry. This is common procedure for corrupt politicians and corrupt bribing special interest groups/conglomerates/cabals.

Sure, I can prove it, and as I make a run for US Senate in 2016 —-John McCain’s seat—- I have my goals and hurdles lined up. Why run for US Senate? It works well with both Mealer Companies ability to build YOU the vehicle and power devices (in one) and in my ability to put a dent in the corruption that keeps most Americans under the heel of the others.

I am not talking wealth redistribution by any means. But we must have equal opportunity in everything we do and when lawmakers are bought by super conglomerates to keep the little guy from making a living (happened to me with GMC in 2009), America will never see the Mealer Automobile or other competitive products for a variety of industries… Investors will never have an open opportunity to make their wealth through an honest source.

Would I serve the US Senate if I win? Yes, of course.
Can I still run Mealer Companies LLC if I am a Senator? Yes, of course, but my payroll for anything involving my personal goal to legalize industrial hemp, would need to be turned over to the company or the investors in order to avoid the conflict of interest and charges of fraud. I’m okay with that.

I have recently began working with a company specializing in Industrial hemp and they’ve asked me to serve on their Board of Directors. After checking with the lawyers I may post the company name.

Another quick note… A foreign company/government is courting me to potentially Mfg automobiles for them, right here in the USA. I want to label them Mealer, but we will see how this turns out.

JL Mealer



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