Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

There has been a recent attack against ethanol by Associated Press writers Dina Cappiello and Matt Apuzzo with assistance from Jack Gillum in Washington and Chet Brokaw in Roscoe, S.D., in their article “The secret, dirty cost of Obama’s green power push” .

First off: I am not a big fan of President Obama. In fact, I am no real fan at all. This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans for the matter. It has to do with the fraud, deceit and illegal activities of all elected officials.

Secondly:  I am no fan of Ethanol per to se. It’s a fuel and a clean burning fuel at that. The Mealer Automobile flagship vehicle will not use it… But it is just another clean burning fuel. Ethanol is not a bad fuel by any means.

The article states the destruction of the land in order to grow corn and although that is correct to a degree, but it would be correct in any situation where you suddenly give free land to anyone who will take it and provide a government subsidized product. Especially when it is a program where the government will not only subsidize the new field of corn, but leave off every rule of engagement when it comes to growing it on what was once public/reserve land.

Does the saying ‘a kid in the candy store’ strike a cord?

Other than that… Corn oil is not so bad. I have no real use for it and I have even less use for President Obama’s agenda. However, the truth must be told and it should not be skewed.

When a group of people are struggling to make ends meet and the government comes in and offers them land they never thought they’d have plus a nearly blank check to develop whatever they could rush to plant on AND the agreement to buy the end product… The results cannot be good!

The Mealer Automobile will run circles around any vehicle and since I don’t believe in man-made global warming to the degree of the Al Gore loonies, I cannot profess a special place in my heart for a clean burning and cleanly derived fuel such as Ethanol or corn oil (moonshine)… I will state for the record that ethanol is the cleanest of the non-Mealer made fuels that is in existence today.

Cleanest burning- Except for water of course, but then again, let’s begin looking at what it takes to create the devices that turn water into hydrogen and we’ll come up with a scene pretty much like corn fed Iowans gone mad with an opportunity they cannot pass up. Except I, for one, will not be wearing bib over-alls, and if we write the story it will be truthful.

By the way… Did I mention Arizona Motorsports and the Grand Prix Developmental Committee? I should have. With the recent series of issues going on behind the scenes, I would wager that this attack against ethanol was in part due to the successful track record and proven viability of ethanol in motorsports and the pending 300 mph sustained race using ethanol as a fuel-power source.


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