JL Mealer making a run for Arizona Governor in 2014

Just a quick note to announce that I have entered the Arizona gubernatorial race for 2014. Don’t worry, the Mealer Automobile is still underway and once financing kicks in, you will see it on the roads and have chance to buy one (or several)…


Funny thing- I am the ONLY candidate with a detailed series of plans to revitalize and re-stabilize this Great State. It’s in a free Pdf file from the campaign site above.

To be brutally honest in this 15 page document, I delve into my deepest, most horrendous background from childhood to about 23 years old. Can’t ask for the voter’s trust without them knowing exactly who I am, now, can I?

What you will learn from my campaign is the difference between a Statesman and a Politician… I am the former.

JL Mealer



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