Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

It’s about time we once again discuss funding the full development (USDOT approved road and MFG ready) Mealer Automobile. I will never ask the general public for funds, and the US Government will not loan to anyone who does not tow the line, but instead I am seeking out our once Arizona, Tennessee, California, Texas and Virginia  based and other globally located investment firms and venture Capitalists.

first california federal routing code

It’s uphill after the June 9th, 2009 ordeal.

Although the drive to find our funding is still alive, the deliberate wounds and deep scars left after the malicious GM-GMAC’s intentional interference with our prospective investors in the summer of 2009 remains as they seemingly (attempt to) walk away unaccountable for their crimes. Both myself and the law consider the postings of injurious falsehoods in front of my prospects as a crime, and as GM and GMAC continue to maintain these libelous, defamatory actions are a form of unfair competition [since they refuse to publicly and corporately apologize and ask me to remove their postings, the attack is ongoing and unresolved…]

When GM-GMAC entered my funding website and pretended to be top notch investors posing as “MONEY01” while professing to be “real engineers of real automobiles” (GM had failed at the time, so figure that one out!). It turns out that the key 26 year veteran GM engineer using GMAC maintained equipment while at work for GM using a GM computer, electricity, office chair (unless he was squatting somewhere in the dark recesses of his dead engineering world), was retiring in only a few months…. So…. Whatever strategic injurious falsehoods he was ‘goaded to type’ before my prospects and then follow up with direct emails to various prospects and pending customers defaming me, obviously could not and  would not harm his job (when I filed the lawsuit).

My move to “play-off” the attack as ‘beneath me’, yet which was sent via RSS FEED to my prospective investors and customers stopped me dead in my tracks the day it was published. Bad thing for the world (and Mealer Companies), since the funding that was a step away from a series of critical meetings simply vanished as did the prospective pre-MFG sales.

I am far from finished with my search to locate and gather funding to complete the full development and manufacture of the Mealer Automobile. The lawsuit ensues and life moves onward. What else can I do?

It’s entertaining at the very least, to read the GM (MLC) lawyers try to convince a federal judge that because I was honest enough to leave the GM published-GM assault and postings of the injurious falsehoods on my website for “18 months” that I somehow was allowing it to keep me down. The attack did immediate damage where it was intended to do the damage… With my prospective investors and clients. From my perspective, removing GM’s post and hiding it from the public would have been along the lines of GM and GMAC’s lies to the public that caused the financial crash of 2008-2009 (along with Barney Frank’s bank forced home loan mess).

Mealer Companies is pushing for that ever so needed funding for growth expansion of our company… which I like to say and believe is “just around the corner”… (Yes, the highly skilled GM-GMAC legal eagles have had a field day with that comment as well).

The gist of this note is to say, IF GM was so worried about our vehicles and power supply that they had to shut down our growth funding, we must have somethingRight?

“Man’s mind, stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions.”

“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.”


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  1. Carl Barton on August 3rd, 2014 2:14 PM

    This is what big Corporate business is known for, if it will compete with them will try to buy you out or destroy you.

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