Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

There are some things in this world that simply make no sense whatsoever…. Except that evil truly does exist and much of that evil is in the form of people praying on the weakness of others. We’re not discussing the 200 lb bully kicking sand in the face of the 98 lb weakling on a sunny beach in 1950 and stealing his girlfriend.

What this post is about is the very fact that one seemingly ruthless private attorney who is oblivious to the facts and to justice.. and she probably thrives on such words as compliments (while keeping her Rule Book of Satan and sacrificial daggers close to her bedside), (this applies to the 3000 or so private lawyers of GM and the other 3000 or so private lawyers of GMAC “all on the taxpayer dime) and of those degenerates all but 10%-20%..maybe even 30% are borderline to pure evil and no more than carpetbaggers at the very least praying on the weakness of individuals, but most the 10%-30%  exceptions are afraid to rock their little worlds. They all seem to make their lives by attending law school to better learn how to manipulate the truth and invent scenarios, and of course have huge potential and the mental capacity to do it well and within the confines of the ever changing US law and legal proceedures.

The decent lawyers are those who make certain justice is being served and due process is upheld… Honestly, and without my anger guiding my typing (or should I say my typos?), we can find both good and bad prosecutors and the same with defense attorneys.

I’m simply trying to save my life, my family and the MEALER AUTOMOBILE… But when the U.S. D.O.J. calls me directly and “suggests” “I drop the case” and then forwards me a form to sign and return dropping at the very least the US Treasury, I have to wonder who’s foot could I possibly have stepped on? Probably anyone and everyone with an investment in alternative energy, current energy sources, the entire world of automobile manufacturing and probably a few liberals and the religious right who I like to tease for not being strong enough to stand their ground. Of course… The taxes made by all energy sources is a huge issue since the vehicle and power source I have and hope to develope for manufacture in  the USA sale worldwide would kinda kill the huge gov’t tax plans.

first california federal routing code

After the destruction of my prospective funding in June 2009 while the US Treasury owned GM who then became Motors Liquidation Company (MLC) and eventually New GM (GM LLC then GM Company)… Same offices, same people, same UAW running the mfg, just a paper shuffle and a few key employee mega pay-offs… Anyhow, after the destruction of prospective funding, the New GM pushed the anti-competitive envelope to keep the Mealer Automobile and power source from making it to market. Of course, while this is going on, GMAC who somehow bought title to my home and the Mealer Companies LLC headquarters and proposed highly secured final R&D site decided to foreclose sell this home I built by myself  (hired the roofers) to one of the companies they have created. ((Probably ResCap or one of those versions of GMAC which was created by GM to begin with)).

I would like you, Ms. “Waterford, Michigan” lawyerto copy and present this posting to the court… Because I still truly believe that even though your client immediately destroyed my then prospective investors so that Mealer Companies LLC could not have been rival to GM and all other automakers especially under their self-inflicted state of failure… Mealer Companies, the Mealer Autombile and myself will prevail and we will not lose and I see a bright future because the good guys really do win when it’s all said and done. Even with a name change, this automobile and power source will always be a MEALER. (And sadly, you will always be you).

 And you can write a “note to self”… You work for the bad-guys (please forward it to your fellow bad-guys too).

By the way… I’ve only became somewhat “popular” after the incident caused by your client and GM-GMAC.


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  1. Linda Majors on December 9th, 2010 1:35 PM

    Mr. Mealer,

    Just heard the last ten minutes of your interview on KCAA Radio today. Then I went on your site in hopes of seeing a picture of the automobile. It sounds like you’re being railroaded by the “Big Boy,” which does not surprise me. It’s my understanding that the reason we have gasoline engines is due to John Rockefeller’s influence over congress. I’ve heard horror stores like yours before. You’re lucky to be alive. Many inventors end up dead when they refuse to turn over their inventions. Hopefully, you can prevail in court, and your wife will get well. George Noory, Coast to Coast AM Radio, features guests with similar situations. Have you heard of Paul Pantone, GEET International? He was placed in a mental hospital and tortured because he refused to give up his dream. However, eventually he got out and is now doing well. So there is still hope for you. Good luck!


  2. JLM on December 10th, 2010 4:34 PM

    Thanks Linda,

    Although the post you made your comment on was a post I made while somewhat angry with the legal help who made agreements to assist me and then pulled out at the last minute AND the truly misguided “legal eagles” serving the defendants… I have to give lawyers a huge amount of credit for the work they do.

    If we can get past my typos and this makes it to court (even though the new GM seems to be somehow avoiding a major part they played in this “game”), I can see the court’s reasoning behind what they have told me so far. We must believe in the US legal system because that’s all we have left once the international conglomerates have run rough shod over each and every one of us…

    I know that what I have developed is a ‘game changer’ and something that the greenies and liberals (who I normally cannot stand to be around) and the religious right types (I hate being judged by people who are not as good as they think they are and who try to put people down for not being in their particular church group), will help everyone except the multinational corporations who are run by shareholders and greed.

    The US judges are normally not bought out like the politicians… But we will see, because I truly do have the law (and the simple fact that I am the victim and right by all accounts), on my side.

    Along with my run on sentences and such!

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