Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

Pushing onward...

The saga drags on, but opportunity abounds (if you can search it out). Why do I get the feeling I’m starting over again?

GM-GMAC and their legion of demons… errr… ahhh… I mean the tax payer GM-GMAC  “funded” and (tax payer banked) lawyers are still pushing the issues against the Mealer Automobile, myself and my family. What makes no sense, is that I have a signed letter of confession from GM, while GMAC (referring to ResCap, GMAC Mortgage, GMAC LLC and whatever new entity they have become) has never denied the Intentional Interference With [my] Prospective Advantage  incident originated from the GMAC LLC headquarters at 200 Ren Cen in Detroit ….Which makes my mortgage holder GMAC Mortgage responsible due to the GMAC LLC, ResCap, GMAC Mort OMNIBUS cross collateralizing assets agreement which they registered with the SEC so they could get taxpayer funds to survive the Barney Frank mess…

Alright, most people who are still receiving the word press updates via RSS know that I am conservative without being a religious right, anti-welfare type… Simply because no one Coinstar money transfer deserves to go hungry and no one should be homeless for lack of work (or for the “alleged” crimes and torts committed by the GM-GMAC “aka the GM Family cabal”). If we get into politics, the goodguys on the Right don’t want to discuss this major anti-competitive issue because they assume it may stifle their corporate campaign funding (which it would not), while the left side of American politics refuses to touch this because of the union support and the harm it would cause their special interest groups if they spoke the truth about the union labor’s largest and most cozy UAW related employer.

Okay.. Let’s get beyond the legal issues for the rest of this update.

Mealer Companies LLC is still expecting or at least hoping to have  some sort of agreement to build another updated Mealer Automobile for a major car show within  the next couple of years. My name appears to be “blackened and muddled” with many of the venture capitalists as the GM-GMAC interference seems to have done it’s job and continues to do the very same job of anti-competitive behaviour since they refuse to remove or have removed their attack on my good name and the Mealer Automobile. I’ve never asked for too much… But they appear to have had other intentions. I just can’t get past the Coincidentally-Occurring,” ”Individually-Tortious,” “Unintentionally-Simultaneous” interruption concept of what they have done and continue to do while GM makes it as a new improved company.

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IF the lawsuit fails and justice is denied, not only do we lose, but American small business loses as this case will open the door for any other conglomerate to crush the ‘little guy’ and entrepreneur from competing in the monopolies and what should be Capitalism but instead is Conglomerate-Corporatism (or something of that socialistic nature). Where’s Glenn Beck’s viewpoint when we need it? Oh Yes, he seems to believe that Theodore Roosevelt and Oliver Wendall Holmes were progressive when in fact they were the oppositie of what modern progressiveism turned out to be.

Wait, I said we were going beyond that issue didn’t I?

To be blunt… If this lawsuit fails then the world loses an automobile (the MEALER) that would provide power to your home and uses no outside fuel source… ((Not perpetually, but close enough to make you feel like it is))… AND free enterprise dies. I am doing what I can in court and I want America to have the full use of the Mealer Automobile and power source, but if the US Court System denies me justice, I make no promises for an immediate American made Mealer Automobile as I’d just as soon see this manufactured in a non-communist country where it can be imported to the USA.


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