Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

Had to come back and check for typos-Nov 3rd, ’10…. Should be good to go.

My wife has begun her chemo today. What was diagnosed as stage 3 Colo-rectal cancer from out of nowhere in July 2010, is in all reality stage 4 cancer “seeds” in her peritoneal cavity which is supposedly fatal. This latest morbid news of my dear young wife allows us only ONE OPTION and an option that I fully expect the defendants’ of my State of Arizona County of Navajo Superior Court Case #CV2010000316, to move on. This hurts me more than the crimes and torts from the GM Family Cabal, but we still have a chance to keep her alive unlike what the ‘defendants’ have done to myself and my company. 

Sure we’ve had a few great sounding blog messages left about investors and such since your injurious falsehoods and devastating attack on June 9th, 2009 (and your follow up emails) … But most of these big talkers turned out to be no more than ‘tire kicking’ or to post their own links, while many of them are truly great people who hate what conglomerates such as yours have done to this great nation of ours.

For you attorneys who are either hired or merely reviewing my interim prospective funding website looking for legal goodies to further exploit me, I want to give you the heads up on an option.     What will be a one time offer for settlement.      You can tell your clients to expect a huge reduction in what I will demand from you for damages, both ongoing and initial by working with me here. If this goes down quick enough and you do not drag your feet when you know you are wrong and I am the victim, there is a radical procedure that can be done to save my wife’s life by the Tucson Medical University Hospital… the U of A… Which gives Cynthia a great chance… or at least a chance.

So, I expect these defendants’ and your clients to finally do the right thing, I am flexible with the anti-competitive tortious and criminal aggressors (you people) repaying me the damage you have intentionally done, prospered from and continue to do to this very day to destroy me. (Keep in mind your letter of confession). Do what is right and good for a change. Every penny made by GM and GMAC since June 9th, 2009 technically has been done so at my expense…. We call this engorgement.

Here is Mr. Health nut finding that the stress from GM, GMAC and the defendants’ of my lawsuit for the past year June ’09 to June ’10  has caused me several ‘small’ strokes which I was unaware of except for the MRI I had recently. It appears these strokes occured nearly each time I was refused a reply to the polite letters and phone calls to the CEOs of the GM Family ‘cabal’ of inner corporate leaders (who had the full ability to have a public corporate apology and to request I remove their “injurious falsehoods”… Simply to allow me to clear up the damages the GM Family did to my name and the Mealer products in hopes try to save the Mealer Automobile and Mealer Electronics USA mfg’d electrical gadgets which I was planning and discussing with prospective business connections and investment groups.

Keep in mind my friends at the Fort Washington, Maryland lawfirm(s) and others… GM has given me a viable letter of confession and as I have proven through the GM Family’s own SEC filings and other longtime documents which connect the entire group YET they claim to be not connected, makes for a solid conspiracy issue (although respondeat superior is good enough to sink all of them). Your clients did the crime and have continued the crime.

I have asked, requested, and even begged the CEOs of GM, ResCap, GMAC LLC, GMACM to do what is right and offer a public apology and to play fair by removing or asking to have removed their libel which had destroyed my $200M  prospective advantage (funding agreements), $30M in Mealer Automobile pre-mfg sales, and to end the perpetuation of your client’s ongoing attack which is what the Sherman Act is all about…. Do you understand that this is TWO major claims for two separate major incidents of interference and anti-competitive violations? Subject to TWICE the “3x’s the damages” per law? Case is done…. throw on the personal defamation, trade libel and you may as well begin figuring out and planning to NOT spend the unjust enrichment and engorgment of which the victim (Mealer Companies and myself, JL Mealer) would be due in full. Not to mention the other issues which I “unsophisticatedly” spelled out in my necessarily lengthy complaint. All 13 defendants are allowed what amounts to less than 8 pages each in a complaint by the way, especially when the law states that the fraud issues and anti-trust issues need to be detailed.

first california federal routing code

As Sylvestor Stallone said in Rambo  “… ‘They drew first blood sir, not me.. they drew first blood…” And to think, that I admired the Big Three at one time! Hey… at least Ford is still moving forward and that new Mustang for 2011 has got to be the next big thing…. Unless Chrysler steps up with another big winner too. Not knocking your GMC trucks or the Camaro, but I was ‘raised on’ Mercury Cougars, AMC Javelins and old beaten down Jeeps.

GM would not have made it sucessfully from OLD GM to NEW GM but for the destruction of myself and the Mealer Automobile… Even a blind jury can see this as fact. {engorgement}.

My friends, Federal gov’t, defense lawyers, etc… I am not your enemy but I have been severely destroyed by your clients and not only can I prove their direct collusion even prior to disclosure, but have a signed letter of confession from GM itself… For no better term, you’re done.
My wife is dying and so far, it appears you are taking advantage to my pro se stance, my family issues and the bankruptcy you forced me through.

Juries hate your types and you must keep that in mind!  
It would be great for you to try to prove you’re not all about creushing the little guy especially on tax payer funds…. I’m just saying.

You will get this in writing in a Motion of some sort once you respond to my complaint, but in a nutshell, this is what I want from your clients…

The full amount of damages by law paid 1/4 to a worthwhile Cancer Foundation, 1/4 to a Cancer Foundation in my wife’s name and the rest to myself so I can fund Mealer Companies LLC, build the Mealer Automobile and also begin thousands of smaller businesses so that we may save this nation’s dying economy before it’s too late… and to maybe to take my young sons and wife to Disneyland, Knotts and Legoland before we lose wife and mother.

Your clients get the write off for the Cancer Foundation(s) donation meaning they break even, plus they appear to be decent human beings running a legitimate company and we can work together to save this great country and you can call in your union mobsters to step up to the plate and do what’s right in training others to take on creating new USA mfg businesses and USA retail and exporting of the new US mfg’d products.

This will go public very soon, and the GM Family Cabal has a great chance to make themselves look like a worthwhile company that actually cares about this great nation and people in general… So don’t play games any longer or by the time we hit court your reputations will not be worth much…

Enough said and knowing lawyers, you’ll probably try to use this against me in court.

AND, If that’s the case… Hey…. knock yourselves out.  How many of you does GM, GMAC, ResCap, the UST, etc… employ?

The good-guy,

JL Mealer

By the way… Speaking of injury, here’s a good one for you… Would you believe that a man (myself) who has been riding powerful, full sized motorcycles for over 35 years wrecked a small mini bike sized prototyped “Mealer STS engine powered” 1950 Sears Roebuck “scooter” (Originally Made by Daimler/Benz and modified by myself to prove this engine system)… and I broke my damn ankle and leg?!(Yesterday evening) Right when my wife and sons need me most for support and to take up the slack at home, but I suppose my mind was elsewhere. Emergency surgery on Wednesday before the shards of bone slice nerves and such. This has got to be a movie or something!  Go ahead and laugh, because this embarrassment is worth a chuckle or two.

Sure, sure.. With updates like this one, you’ll expect to be seeing my birthmarks and tattoos, next. (I have neither, but quite a few scars just the same).


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  1. JL Mealer on September 18th, 2010 11:59 AM

    I am down but far from out. The GM Lawyers are pushing this to federal court claiming their typical untruths and lies… Once again, I have the absolute proof of service to the Arizona Superior Courts, so you are done.
    You are intentionally pushing my wife’s health issues in my face knowing that this change of travel for me will kill her.

    The world will bare withness to your evilly contrived ways and if I did not have my sons to care for once you kill my wife by not allowing her to be cared for and me as Mr. Mom and home nurse to care for her…. the ending would different for both parties of legal reps.

    I have sent you the facts, the admissions, the proper filings, the laws and still you screw with me and my family’s life.

    I know GM still reviews this site and I urge you to remove your destructive libel so that we may move on. I have given you so many damned options that make you look like the “goodguys” and American heroes but you still push to destroy me!

    Obviously… I cannot comprehend the type of EVIL that lurks from GM and your cruel lawyers in Phoenix. So far… GMACM seems to be atleast pretending to work with me…. but only so far.

    JL Mealer

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