Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

Had to come back and check for typos-Nov 3rd, ’10…. Should be good to go. My wife has begun her chemo today. What was diagnosed as stage 3 Colo-rectal cancer from out of nowhere in July 2010, is in all reality stage 4 cancer “seeds” in her peritoneal cavity which is supposedly fatal. This latest morbid news of my […]

THE DOCUMENTS HAVE BEEN SERVED…. No turning back now. My hat’s in the ring. The fight is on and I’m stripped to the buff. (Theodore Roosevelt)  “When government agencies become tools of private monopoly, individual initiative and enterprise are doomed.” —Preston Tucker ….AND VISA VERSA ——JL Mealer       Beware how you take away […]