Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

Just another quick update… I’ll try to type this without typos, so bear with me.

Not to be crying in my beer (No beer summit …. I stopped drinking once I grew up), but I lost my dad Leamon Mealer, Sr. who was a big part of Mealer Companies LLC with planning and giving his wise old man ideas…  Then four months later my older brother Leamon Mealer, Jr. died. Lee, Jr was key to our development of a modified turbine engine that ran on basically a form of thick goo (we are working on the patents now and picking up where he left off).

To top it off, my older sister just had a major heart attack and my wife has been diagnosed with cancer… But we all get this thrown at us, right? That’s just another part of the Mealer life and we move onward and upward.

Of course during this never ending saga, GM and GMAC decided they wanted my home and that the Mealer Automobile should never see the light of day. No worries, I have their signed confession for intentionally interfering with my prospective advantage… which is an antitrust- aka anti-competitive issue (Google it)- who would have thought GM would ever do that to someone trying to sell automobiles and possibly compete in their vast market? These modern day mega-global “intergalactic” (as my son would say), corporations tend to want it all… and they appear to care for nothing and no one who gets in their way. 

Where’s Theodore Roosevelt and Oliver Wendell Holmes when we need them? Seems we have only mega corporate sell-outs these days who like to think they run the country.

Let’s hope GM-GMAC and the engineers who decided to crush me decide to do the right thing and settle out of court so we can get on with the show and not waste time dragging this scenario out in a major legal battles (pssst, you’ve already signed a letter of confession)…My friends,  I really do have that Mealer Economic Plan to get working for all of us, and the sooner the better… Even IF I never build and sell the Mealer Automobile (and home power source), I can help to save this floundering economy and/or at least inspire other people to start new USA based MFG and create some jobs.

Lee Jr., oddly, was burned alive in 1994 (he survived, sort of) while driving one of those GM saddlebag “crimped fuel tank” GMC pickups that GM refused to recall for over the 10 +/- years they mfg’d them. It seems that the UAW combined with GM corporate and shareholders refused to change their techniques and spend the additional $1.50 cost to crimp the tanks safely.

Once again… Who would have thought that any automaker (esp the world’s largest) would go to such lengths to prevent people from suffering and dying? These are the same people that intentionally crippled my funding and said crap about me… I mean the exact same people who were involved in the “refuse to recall era” or era of denial from 1979 to 1987. Then again, perhaps these same engineers who came into line working for GM were the very engineers who remedied the death traps on wheels that caused my brother to suffer like he did since 1994. For that, the world of GM owners should thank

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GM builds quite a few high quality vehicles today and although I truly believe I could be building better, that chance seems to get further away each day that GM and GMAC refuses to discuss their tortious activity and “crimes” against me. To top it off, my wife has just undergone a serious type of surgery a couple of days ago) and if we wind up losing our home to GMAC’s corrupt actions, she will suffer all that much worst. I wonder how the jury would look at that factor in the GM-GMAC cabal against Mealer Companies LLC… I am expecting to wake up at any time on the plane trip to sign my final docs on the Summer of 2009 funding agreements.

Let’s not forget that the MEALER AUTOMOBILE truly is that missing link in vehicles and power supply that everyone seems to be crying for. This is not some repeat of the original 1900’s electric vehicle. wait.. you do realize thatt he first EV was built in 1889 and MFGd in the 1900’s don’t you? Why would anyone repeat something that wasn’t viable int he first place?

The funny thing that happened was not at all funny.

By the way, anyone know what GM or GMAC associate lives near 144000 block of Coplan Lane in Novi, Michigan?


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