Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.


A tough year since a competitive automaker and global conglomerate’s direct libelous attack and the fatal blackening commentary against me… and their destructive (RSS fed) “BLOG” on June 9th, 2009  that intentionally destroyed Mealer Companies’ prospective funding and our Pre-MFG MEALER BV orders from last summer’s very interested brokers, customers, investor firms, private money and what have proven to be a few very good friends (and a dozen or so not so good friends).

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been… The answer is quite simple. I have been totally CONSUMED withcourt documents and research and trying to deal with the world’s largest corporation (who is funded by the US Treasury no less and spreads their tentacles to all facets of life). Sounds like a B Movie, but this is real life and really happening to me.

My family is suffering from the pressure of this “drama” so badly that my young sons are having stress issues and my wife’s once steady stomach has been wrought by the stress factor of having our lives swept out from under us when we seem to have nowhere to go and a fight that is quite simply beyond what any honest man and his family should endure. I can deal with it… Only because I must.

Please bear with me and the Mealer Automobile as I honestly never expected this intentional interference and anti-competitive behavior to happen to me, from what was supposed to be a responsible globally renowned automaker and a company who has relied on the US taxpayer to keep them afloat while they unlawfully destroy their competitors and steal their homes (this mega auto giant is also a mega bank and mortgage company)… I actually expected them to welcome me as the newcomer in the automobile manufacturing realm, but instead, they instead have relentlessly stomped me down time and time again. And they are stealing my home to boot… Or at least they are trying to steal my home.. Let’s see what kind of truth and justice the modern court system allows.

This website may as well not even be about the MealerAutomobile since the auto giant and global bank that they created seem to be fighting me (personally and professionally) in such a manner as to totally destroy me.

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So far they have succeeded. If this next civil case does not stop them, we lose it all and I will be continuing my fight (somehow) from a public storage unit while my wife takes my two young sons and heads to live with her parents… I have nothing to hide and so little to show for my 25 years of R&D as I was forced to dismantle my latest prototype as we may be moving away from the house that I built. (That home building scenario is an exciting story all in it’s own!)

They have admitted their transgressions and gross violations of the law against me, but still, they fight and argue and try to prevent me from receiving at the very least a corporate apology from this Goliath of an enemy. Not an enemy by MY CHOICE, but an enemy by THEIR CHOICE.

No matter what happens… Please keep in mind, that I am the good-guy that simply got in ‘their’ way.
By the way… If anyone knows a good lawyer (from any state who can advise this Pro Se case) who will work on contingency, send him/her my way and I will send this docket of facts and evidence, etc. This is a winning case with the bad-guys letter of admission.

I am down but far from out.

Theodore Roosevelt and Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes dreams and laws to PREVENT big business and big labor from stomping the underdogs and little guys to death, will hopefully come through for me. I will keep you updated… In the meantime, you can ask for updates and send me a note here:

JL Mealer


2 Responses to “JUNE 2010… It’s been a tough year! Mealer v GM, GMAC, et al”

  1. james eaton on July 22nd, 2010 2:56 PM

    So sorry to hear about this Mr. Mealer. Don’t know when this started, but I, for one, would not be at all surprised if obama and his regime were behind it all. If the w.h. is not directly involved, we know for sure his minions (unions) are. Best of luck and may GOD bless you and your family during these difficult and trying times.

  2. Wil Thomas on August 2nd, 2010 12:21 PM

    I watched the movie “Flash of Genius” a while back. Your story reminds me of that just a bit. There have been others over the years as well. Delorean, Tucker, and others have been squashed by the likes of GM(and Ford) for doing nothing more than building a better product. The current administration is no better nor worse than those that came before it in protecting and promoting small businesses like yours Mr. Mealer.

    I do hope that the courts will find in your favor and I am still looking forward to working with you at MAM one day!

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