Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

This note is more of a ‘personal mention’ as are the other posts it seems.

COMPLETE and FINAL FUNDING for Mealer Companies LLC is an issue right now for a couple of reasons:

First and foremost- The economy thanks to government mandated home loans that fell apart and dragged the economy down with it. (politics)

Secondly and also foremost- General Motors- as it became a part of the US Government- decided they should attack me, libel me and chase away my investors who would rather not have heard the griping and lies from GM’s head design and engineering team. Early this summer (06/09) they posted a few choice words about me and later recanted what they claimed and offered as their opinion. An interesting point is that GM Engineer’s libel poster has an IP address originating from GM Corporation and owned by GMACfs registered at the GMACfs HQ at 200 Renaissance Center, in Detroit… GMAC owns the papers on my home and GMAC’s employees are well aware of Mealer Companies LLC and my goals. I mean… I’m just saying.

Sure… GM is a total failure today, but they have been in the same type of business that I am entering into as Mealer Companies LLC and they seemingly have some credence in what they claim. (Preston Tucker and John DeLorean know how powerful GM is with the government.. and that was before they failed!)  They were a large automobile producing company at one time (still are) and have opened offices throughout the world. For their engineer to libel me with seriously demeaning double-speak… the potential damage has been done.

I am at the point where I am unable to remove their posts on this word press site because it also includes their apology. It is what it is and I am hoping GM’s ranting anger towards me is easily seen through.

My honest comments(questions) that I believe set GM against me had to do with Ed Whitaker being appointed by the current administration to head GM once it was taken over, the corporate shuffle they are playing with and other concerns. As far as I have researched, Whitaker has ties with Rahm Emanuel who was a director of Fannie Mae… something about 200 billion dollars of  bail-out money that went to the wrong funds and bank accounts… Typical government scandal in today’s world and  100% factual from simple resarch (which could be wrong..which is why I asked).  What I didn’t mention was Senator Obama’s huge contributions from Fannie Mae and/or Timothy Geitner’s role in any of this… I was just calling it like it is shown through a bit of  research and what seemed like the truth hurt them so much that they had to knock Mealer Companies LLC out of a hugely potential funding queue. Whitaker as far as I know had nothing to do with Emmanuel’s fiasco and this comes from Glenn Beck and Pat Caddell as it is… Surely they research their info sources. Whitaker seems like a decent man and his rattlesnake hunting life story is kinda cool. I’d like to meet him someday… But GM certainly did me wrong.

In a nutshell… These are the reasons you are not seeing a lot of movement or news about Mealer Companies LLC right now.

While I stray into politics quite often and we all know (according to my other posts here) that Mealer Companies investors thus far limit the details of our products until full funding comes through, they also cringe whenever I stray near the political arena. No, I am not a politician but I sure am getting sick of the way things are done in DC lately (and for the past twenty years).  I like energy independence as a goal for all of America. Big oil and the conglomerates who make the lights stay on are very important and they provide a lot of jobs for people across the USA… But the time has come to offer an alternative. Politicians should be doing one thing for America and that’s creating and finding and training the Citizenry for jobs. Not many take up that torch and run with it. We have a few as noted below and luckily the governors who feel this way are moving towards a national leadership direction.

Creating new job opportunities for our young Alaskans and preparing our kids for those opportunities is a top priority of my administration. and  A gas-line will help shape our economic future – the same way that oil has shaped our economic present.  Alaska Gov Sarah Palin 10/27/07
Yes, I like Sarah Palin and believe that although the media pundits and much of the special interest groups are against her, she WAS an honest politician and a great person. That’s good enough for me, even though Mrs.

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Palin and myself agree on most points of politics… I can easily accept someone else who has a vastly opposing view as long as they are honest and a decent human being.  Meaning, if an underhanded, deceitful scoundrel wanted to talk to me,  I’d rather punch him out than share a single word… But that’s just me.

I’ll add more quotes from others later…(like you care).

JL Mealer



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  1. flyoverland on September 7th, 2009 3:27 PM

    Thanks for the nice post on the Daily Beast. Do not give up your dream. It took me years to raise the capital for my company which today is a multi-billion dollar industry. We have an empty Chrysler plant (actually two of them) and a Ford plant just waiting for you here in St. Louis. If you woud like some contacts with State officials, the Lt. Governor is a close friend and the Legislature is GOP. This area is dying for another car company. Ten years ago, St. Louis was the number 2 largest maker of cars. Today, the GM plant is the only survivor. Let me know if I can help you.

  2. JLM on September 7th, 2009 9:25 PM

    You know when you’re right, you are right… and you just happen to be right! Mealer Companies is more than a dream, but I do appreciate the well wishes. This automobile is driven by a power generating device that will power a home. That means off grid power that is as renewable as a power supply can get.

    St Louis would be a great location for just about any enterprise if the unions were not forcing their will on the workforce and the job creators themselves… I wonder if Missouri could work around that issue?

    Good capital raising advice would come in real handy about now. I am all ears.

  3. Ron Hoffman on September 8th, 2009 7:01 AM

    Regarding the (Current) elected officials…
    “…and the Sheppard, having convinced the flock of his good intentions, shall herd and drive the dumb beasts down a single path to slaughter…” –Unknown
    Regarding your (Our) path forward…
    The most cost-effective way to start this new automotive venture is by “Farming-out” as much of the work as possible. My company is ready and able to offer design or other assistance you may require in this endeavor. My personal background alone includes over 30 years of automotive industry design and consulting as well as numerous patents. In addition, my staff of designers and engineers will contribute hundreds of additional years of (Automotive) expertise.
    Best Regards,
    Ron Hoffman

  4. Martin Jennings on September 22nd, 2009 6:13 AM


    I understand the need for investment capital. Since I am a newcomer to Mealer (just read about you today) can I assume that you or someone has been in touch with others with substantial capital who share your political views? Ideally, government should stay the hell away from business, but there are people who know people etc, who share your views and would love nothing more to see you succeed. Do you have a group exploring these and other options?

  5. JLM on September 25th, 2009 7:43 AM

    Hey Martin!
    I am finding this to be an adventure not only with simple funding and the ensuing battle with red tape and new and bizarre government mandates, but a very undignified event at times.

    MEALER is a name connected to ancestors who came up with the pulverizing plan to grind grain into bread meal and meat into sausage meal… Not the Millers who ran the mills, but the originators of the process. Back then… I doubt very much if the Mealers were restricted and were forced to watch as people were force fed wild stories of why cutting your food would be good for you and if you didn’t use an edged stone or later a piece of sharp brass to cut your foods the world’s population would choke and die. All of the stories… yet they were turned away and looked at with furrowed brows when they tried to show a better way to get things done.

    Just a thought…

    JL Mealer

  6. Andrew Gross on October 28th, 2009 10:06 AM


    I’m impressed with what I’ve read here related to your goals and objectives.

    In and among our services, we provide access to strategic advice and major market funding leadership, a senior banker with a concentration on the media, technology and life science companies that you may find attractive to consider.

    Again, this is an opportunity to work with a senior banker (rather than a group of young MBA’s) that has ready access to institutional “major market” funding.

    You’re welcomed to contact me at 503-701-6003 or to learn more.

    Warm regards,

    Andrew Gross
    Automotive Consulting Services, LLC
    dba Car Czar Consulting

  7. Sunshine on November 1st, 2009 1:54 PM


    I would begin by installing the power producing
    devices in the homes (attics), and then work toward a viable automobile. This would provide a larger and stronger social and finanacial base from which to work. There are several ways to get around the homeowner needing to purchase such a device. You can arrange this with your LLC.

    It is too easy for PTB to restrict travel and other uses of your automobile as industry is for the present in complete control of money (falsely so called) and means.

    Over unity and stationary armature generation devices, and their applications are not new, and it is possible that they be used as a means to provide power for the worlds energy needs. Doesn’t it make sense that each home be self sufficient and that millions of miles of wire and trees be eliminated in the process.

    What is required is a break through of peaceful means, to include those who only wish to capitalize on our labor for their personal gain. This game has been going on for a long time and is embedded in human nature. Cooperation (they) at the top, and competition (we) at the bottom. Cooperation builds up and competition destroys.

    I wish you well in your venture.

    I am Sunshine

  8. success on March 12th, 2011 5:39 PM

    I do agree. I also think that we should be more ready to serve others and discount services and products when we discover a person in need.

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