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I am getting a lot of negative feedback from people checking out this interim Mealer Companies website… A bit too much complaining about it being Word Press and void of real content and details on our power system (no complaints on my Pro-American, Pro-Workforce and political leaning rants…YET).

This is nothing compared to what Sarah Palin’s family must have felt!

To set the record straight:

This site and the details you see are all that I am allowed to publicly discuss by contract.  Everyone outside of Mealer Companies investors is on the classic ‘need to know’ basis…

The only complaints I ever seem to get are from far left liberals and those who are caught up in thinking they know everything about motor vehicles, alarm clocks, solar power, wind energy, electric powered vehicles, nuclear power or whatever their specialty may be.

I applaud them for their knowledge, but I can only reveal so much info about the MEALER Automobile right now.

first california federal routing code

Let’s back off the backbiting, okay?

JL Mealer



6 Responses to “This Word Press Site”

  1. Ramakotaiah on September 24th, 2009 10:52 PM

    Dear Mealer,

    I am really happy to see you venturing into a Noble venture, the dire need of today and future for a safe and happy world.

    I would Volunteer to support you in achieveing your dream project. I may not be financially strong in funding you, but i can support you in some of your design activities and program management activities. I live in India so we can work on some areas which I can be able to support you remotly.

    Hope to see a positive association.


  2. JLM on September 25th, 2009 7:30 AM

    Thanks for the backing Ramakotaiah.
    It’s a tough road right now, but once people see the light and the facts that America and the world need an honest autommaker. The world could use the presense of a company who is not afraid to embark on a campaign to produce and sell such a uniquely powerful vehicle with a wide range if uses.

    Being honest with you… No company has ever been in such a situation where the governmental powers have such a twisted agenda which appears to be like minded, but in all reality is against the very solutions that we have and will pulverize with the simple advent and marketing of the MEALER.

    I am not just touting our vehicle or my name… But this is getting serious. Personally, I don’t worry about sanding across the grain as they perceive it… As long as I do what is right for others.

    JL Mealer

  3. Aubrey Roberts on April 28th, 2010 6:11 PM

    Solar Energy is one of the best sources of clean and green electricity. I think that we should build more efficient solar thermal power plants and solar cells. frequently. :

  4. Eva Campbell on April 30th, 2010 6:07 PM

    Wind power is a good source of electricity but it also takes up lots of space just like solar power plants.’`.

  5. Albert Cebrian on May 8th, 2010 9:21 PM

    John Mealer,

    At the outset, my novitiate question asks what sort of ‘contract’ imposes a gag order on you and simultaneously tolerates this protracted spell of investment and production inactivity? If your engineering designs are well developed and properly protected, it would not require a major investment for a prototype or “concept-car” to emerge and be displayed in various media forums and trade shows. As you know, this is only one of many time-tested practices for new product introductions in many industries. At the very least, it opens feedback channels from the market to the makers. Some manufacturers actually listen to and find value in what the market says about their products. This even includes the military, by the way, based on my own experience.

    I say lose the mystique. Cancel the ‘contract’. Show the markets and the buyers what you have. They and the unique, tangible, rational merits of your vision will clear the path to the promised land of economies of scale.

    Albert Cebrian
    A.C. Fluid Systems

  6. JLM on June 19th, 2010 1:11 PM

    Hello Albert,
    It’s not so much a ‘gag order’ but an agreement that until we are fully rolling with vehicle production, none of us “in the know” will divulge the inner workings of our patents. Besides, China does not abide by US patent laws and they would make cheap pot-metal copies of our great products and sell them back to USA customers without a tarriff or tax (or regulations on MFG on their slave labor plants)….

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