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Anyone who has been around me for any length of time, knows that I despise greed for things unmerited by one’s willingness to earn them. Creating and running a business is a legitimate way to becomes as wealthy as your business will allow… This is the American way which the world follows.

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OPEC is no exception.

For the sake of the discussion, we will concentrate this expose on gasoline in the USA alone. No diesel fuel or home heating fuel carbon taxation, no coal carbon taxation, no natural gas carbon taxation, no transportation of goods carbon taxation…  Just America’s use of gasoline carbon taxation.

OPEC is what seems like greed incarnate, yet OPEC has supplied many nations with much needed oil over the years. However, the current state of the economy may be partially blamed on OPECs actions and their strong control of crude oil commodity transfer and sales. The traders are seemingly greedy simply because they want profit over all else, as does OPEC. Enough said. Greed Corrupts and most politicians make unscrupulously tremendous kick backs by feeding the greed of special interest groups and OPEC is not the heaviest of the bunch.

According to : “The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC; pronounced /o?.p?k/, oh-pek) is a cartel of twelve countries made up of Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela. The cartel has maintained its headquarters in Vienna since 1965,[2] and hosts regular meetings among the oil ministers of its Member Countries. Indonesia withdrew its membership in OPEC in 2008 after it became a net importer of oil, but stated it would likely return if it became a net exporter in the world again.” 

Keep in mind that Venezuela is the nation that started OPEC and suddenly the new US administration is on both knees trying to cozy up to dictator Chavez, as well as the US President bowing to OPECS Saudi Arabian sheik who heads up the new  leadership of OPEC. Perhaps it is nothing…  But we should point out that no US company owns any large controlling portions of OPEC, but many brokers and private commodity traders own substantial futures in crude oil, much of that comes from OPEC regulated supplies. Maybe some greed, but all in all, that’s business as usual for those who take the route to wealth that keeps their fingers clean and golf club swing well practiced.

Here’s the current and future situation for US politics, our economy and the world’s well-being. You might think this is something a “green” automobile and renewable energy product manufacturer would agree with, but there comes a point when pride for one’s nation, and a certain humility for where America has been and will be againsomeday (hopefully soon) takes precedence over greed. I would hate to think the MEALER is being sold under only under the pretences and scare tactics via pressure to cut carbon emissions due to global warming propoganda.

Try to follow me here, I will keep this brief.

Cap and Trade and Carbon Taxes destroy Green Technology Innovation and the advancement of most products already designed and to be invented to prevent what many people call global climate change. Whether you believe in man made global climate change or not (my views are self evident across the news and blogs), the world’s various governments have passed and are attempting to pass laws that will destroy future innovations in the anti-fossil fuel, anti-carbon emission products.  Yes… The very products that the new carbon emission laws are supposed to promote are intentionally discouraged with the New Enviro-Statist Rules and Regulations for everyday life. It’s easy to comprehend once you understand the carbon profits and the need to keep them on the table.

Currently, the cost of gasoline is roughly 77% of the actual cost of the product after refining. In 2008, US distribution reached 137.80 BILLION gallons of gasoline within our own borders to our own drivers (in 2008 at $4 per gallon or $400 Billion +/- in tax revenue).  Add the soon to be instituted Carbon Cap and Trade taxes of roughly 30 cents per gallon, which in itself doesn’t seem like that much if somehow it might cause the ozone to patch back up or whatever the latest claim is by global warming alarmists.The US gov’t will rake in roughly over $400 Billion per year with Cap and Trade and other gasoline taxation. We’re a big and generous nation, more taxes pulled in, the better, right? It seems that way, but not when it is going around as political payback, pork spending and to all the wrong places. Some of that is my opinion, of course. 

Q:   Do you really believe the US government is going to give up over $400,000,000,000 (in gasoline taxes alone!) by allowing their own company (GM) to create an Eco-friendly, non-fossil fuel  powered car? One that uses no other carbon cap regulated industry to power it? Remember GM’s Electric Car of the 70’s-80’s and it’s downfall and disappearance?

Q:   Do you really believe the MULTI-TRILLIONS of dollars in future Cap & Trade taxes that will be extorted from US Manufacturing companies (our jobs and GDP), and US drivers and those who need to heat their homes, eat food at the supermarket, buy products shipped across the nation, fly, drive, eat out, travel about and enjoy life, etc, are intended to do anything for this supposed man-induced global climate change? The two largest global polluters are not playing the game, but hopefully China and India will both get on board and clean up their air and rivers, so we can prove that man-made global warming is another Al Gore lie).

Q:   Do you really believe the US government would ever allow this new form of taxation to ever end?

Answers: No. No. No.

This is just good business practice under an alarmist name in order to protect us from ourselves. We should be so lucky!

There is a huge amount of money/wealth/fame/fortune and GREED riding on these unmerited taxes.

Cap and Trade, Carbon Taxes, global warming, Venezuela and Cuban relation/niceties are all mysteriously connected here it seems…

The US government on Fuel Taxes from the US Department of Energy Website: 

Taxes on crude oil production

Most States impose a severance tax when oil (or gas or another natural resource) is produced from property within their territory.  It is generally a percentage of the sale price and thus varies with markets.  In 1996, States collected a total of about $3.3 billion in severance taxes on oil and gas production.  For Alaska, the State by far the most dependent on oil production activity, severance taxes account for about half of all State tax revenue.  In other large producing States, severance tax revenue is important but is less than 10 percent of total tax revenue. 

Royalties are not taxes but fees paid to landowners, whether private or public.  (As noted earlier, private ownership of mineral rights is unique to the United States.)  Payment of royalties is universal, part of a standard contract to produce oil or gas from a given property.  The amount of the royalty percentage is part of the negotiation process and thus varies with boom and bust cycles in the industry.  Generally, oil royalties are about 1/7 (some 14 percent) of the sale price.  Royalty agreements with the Federal government have generally required a higher royalty payment.  In 1996, the Federal government collected approximately $3 billion in royalties on oil and gas production from Federal property, including Federal offshore areas.

Excise and Other Taxes

U.S. import tariffs on oil are generally modest, except on gasoline.  They are a fixed level per unit and thus become more important at low overall market prices. Depending on the density of the oil, crude oil and fuel oils pay 5.25 cents per barrel (for heavier quality) and 10.5 cents for lighter oils.  Transportation fuels, such as gasoline and jet fuel, pay 52.5 cents per barrel, or 1.25 cents per gallon. 

Excise taxes are an important source of revenue to the taxing authority, whether the authority is the Federal, State, or local government.  Among oil products, highway fuels are by far the most heavily taxed.  Federal excise taxes on gasoline are 18.3 cents per gallon and on diesel fuel are 24.3 cents.  In addition, the Federal government collects a fee of  0.1 cents per gallon to finance the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund.  Furthermore, State taxes on gasoline vary from less than 10 cents per gallon to about 40 cents, averaging about 22.6 cents per gallon in early 1998.  Taxes on diesel used as a highway fuel show a similar range and also average 22.6 cents per gallon.  These data for State taxes include “excise” taxes as well as other taxes, such as sales taxes that some States impose on gasoline and diesel.  State excise taxes alone, as of early 1998, average about 18 cents per gallon. 

Gasohol, a blend of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline, may also be subject to a different excise tax rate.  The Federal tax on gasohol is 13 cents per gallon, or 5.3 less than the rate of tax on gasoline.  Nine States also provide preferential excise or sales tax treatment for gasohol, ranging from 1 cent per gallon (Connecticut, Iowa) to 15 cents per gallon (Ohio.)  Excise taxes account for almost all of the differencebetween prices for gasoline in the United States and prices in our foreign trading partners, such as Europe and Japan.  When the price of gasoline in the United States is $1.10 per gallon, for instance, excise taxes account for about 40 cents, or 36 percent of the total; the pre-tax price is about 70 cents.  At the same time, the price in Germany, for instance, might be $3.00 per gallon, with taxes accounting for some $2.30, or some 77 percent of the total; the pre-tax price is about the same as that in the United States:  70 cents per gallon.  Similar examples can be constructed from other International Energy Agency data.

That’s enough for now. This is a very sad state of the USA and governments throughout the world. A time when an Orwellian future of Big Brother and Comrad Pal O’ Mine might successfully use solar cycle 24 > < to convince a world of people to think they are doing good by turning them into stooges, rubes and purveyors of destruction for the good of mankind… Who will become or have already become convinced that mankind has a say in what the Earth does in it’s own natural time, with a lot of help from the sun.

My words here, may theoretically cost me multiple vehicle sales to the Eco-Crowd… But facts are facts. Besides, I’m not greedy and we simply do not need those sales. They will come around once they get a grip on reality.

JL Mealer



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