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I am not suggesting that we all drive 1966 Chrylser Imperials or like sized vehicles, but small cars are death traps. In 1989 the Brooking Institution and Harvard University analyzed that an estimated 2,000 to 3,900 lives are lost each and 20,000 serious injuries occur each year in traffic accidents resulting from smaller, lighter cars. 

According to Mark Levin’s well researched “must read” book Liberty and Tyranny, Mr. Levin presents the case against CAFE standards which caused between  2,600 and 4,500 deaths in 1997. In 1999, USA Today analyzed the statistical link between CAFE standards and traffic fatalities and reported, “46,000 people have died in crashes they would have survived in bigger, heavier cars… since 1975.” 

These factual based, non partisan reports go on and on and cover a wide range of institutions who have covered research from natonal statistics and legitimate documentation.

As per The Heritage Foundation’s Charli E. Coon on CAFE standards, cars and light trucks which are the vehicles subject to fuel economy standards make up only 1.5 percent of all global man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Just keep in mind that the people that pressed the issue of CAFE standards and the politicians who accepted the flawed data are the same two groups who caused millions of children and adults to be killed, mostly in third world countries by banning DDT (Dichloro-dipenyl-trichlorethane… the human and plant safe chemical that kills mosquitos and prevents malaria).

Paul Hermann Muller received the Nobel Peace Prize “for his discovery of the high efficiency of DDT as a contact poison against several anthropods.” Muller won his Nobel Peace Prize because his findings saved millions of lives and would continue to save millions of lives each year. A select few people created a scenario, lobbied corrupt politicians and forced DDT to be banned in the US. With no other country to manufacture DDT, people in third world countries died (and die or suffer today from malaria) and these same naysayers of advancement for mankind could care less. They really do not care for your safety or your child’s life in the least. Earth First is their motto and human life to them is far, far down the list of being second.

The car you drive means nothing to them as long as they can extort federal (tax payer) funds to run their human-life hating scams.

The same goes with small cars and the naysayers to human advancement. ‘ They ‘ really don’t care how many people die just so they can prove their sick and twisted ideological marxism while forcing the rest of us to live and die by their dreams and hope for change to that same oppresive agenda. We cannot allow these people to control us as they have been controlling us progressively since FDR in the 1930’s.

Mealer Companies automobiles are full sized and fully powered roadworthy “green” vehicles which are heavy enough to hold their own on major roadways.

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For example- When an 8 ton tractor trailer rigs blows by at 70 MPH the MEALER will not be gusted off the road and leave the occupants strewn amongst blood splattered heaps of their ultra lightweight – battery driven Eco-Tech, super compact wonder. (Graphic representation of possible EV highway journey when a passing 18 wheeler blows by).

The MEALER is a full sized, fully powered vehicle. We do not build the mini-me version of transportation. We care about your safety. We care about your standard of living.

We would never subject a MEALER owner to the hazards of small car death trap driving. We care for our customers as much as we care for the ultra lightweight, super compact drivers and hopefully, we can talk you out of climbing behind the wheel or placing your children into one of the mini-car death traps. It’s just not worth it, no matter how much the naysayers of human advancement claim it is.

It’s sad to know that your life has been put into a political nutshell and I strayed into the semi-political world to explain the facts of life with a MEALER vs the potential outcome in a much smaller Eco-Statist Approved car. Ours is “greener”. Ours is safer. Ours is larger. The MEALER will provide electrical power to your home and it is on the way, once the last few funding details are hammered out.

You will not find details or patent numbers for the MEALER-STS and associated equipment on this word press site. Too many intelligent people and engineers could make off with it in countries that do not abide by US Patent Law protection. I’m not selling you anything right now anyway, so naysayers need to back off and go play with your video games or marbles or something.

Put down the keys and back away from the coffin on wheels.

JL Mealer
JL MealerDefinitions FYI:
Statist = An advocate of Statism = Concentration of economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government often extending to government ownership of industry.  AKA – Marxism, Totalitarianism, Green Anarchism, Totalitarian Democracy which result in despotism and are totally against the rule of Law that Americans are supposed to be governed by, prosper under and contribute to as per documents of our great Republic. 


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