Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

Mealer Companies LLC is an important piece of what I expect to become an Historic tool for American Economic Recovery and subsequent global economic recovery.
This thought process is neither from my own vanity nor “self-serving interests” as GM’s top people had accused me of in their pithy and libelous attacks from a few days ago.
Besides, they apologized and we are good to go.

The reasons we are important to America and the world are easy to see, but not always so obvious.

First- We have the vehicle that uses no fossil fuels and does not draw from the power grid and will power your home, office [or tent city if the need arrises]. Once we license our technology and proprietary engineering to other automakers and power generating device manufacturers, the world will change for the better.

Second- We remove the need for any one with a MEALER vehicle or licensed device to ever pay a dime to those instituting the corrupt carbon taxes or cap and trade.
The government(s) will lose their control over the people they claim to represent and hopefully, the tyrants will just go away.

Think about the groups who will get rich from carbon taxes… What role, if any, did these people and groups have in going from the “terrifying scare of a looming Ice Age” invented in the 1970’s, to the latest and greatest “terrifying Global Warming scare” of the 2000’s?  These people are not our friends, and could care less about your well being.

Third (but really first)- With the US government taking control of over 500 private companies including the banks and automakers, the wealthy people who normally invest in growth through new business ventures are left wondering if they should throw their investments into countries other than the USA. When the USA stops economic growth, the world stops growing economically. This FACT is proven time and time again.

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We hope to energize the business sector and the stock market simply by our tenaciousness to go where we are most needed, but were never expected to be

Fourth- Mealer Companies is committed to helping create new USA manufacturing companies that exist outside of our company and owned by others so we may invigorate the private sector in growth and new jobs. More working Americans, means more products -both domestic and imported- will be built, sold and purchased.   Everyone wins.

Fifth- The ecological aspect of replacing nuclear power, coal power, the dirty manufacture of solar power equipment (and other nano-tech), burning fossil fuels (which is only minutely detrimental towards “man-made global climate change”) and the crude oil purchases which promote the funding of global terrorists are just a few key items solved via our disruptive technologies. We have THE highly anticipated ‘vehicle of the future,’ which we will offer in an affordable package called the MEALER AUTOMOBILE (Professional branding may change the name… but I like this one just fine).

JL Mealer

JL Mealer


3 Responses to “FIVE good reasons Mealer Companies is so important today…”

  1. Richard Sleeth on July 4th, 2009 1:16 AM

    I Have some very strange questions to ask you about your idea’s, (scalability). Along with some future needs for a product in a varity of applications that I am currently researching. should you have any questions please respond.

  2. JLM on July 4th, 2009 11:09 AM

    Ask away Richard!

  3. JL Mealer on February 10th, 2011 10:56 AM

    Okay folks… The facts of the matter are as follows.
    No matter how much I attempt to pursuade my once prospective clients and first and foremost my once prospective investors… GM’s immediate RSS Feed “injurious falsehoods” which crippled my ability to maintain and gather the growth funds we needed, I simply cannot paint a decent picture and my bold notes pretending they apologized for their illegal activity is untrue.

    GM and GMAC have never apologized for what they have done and here we are scrambling to find funding and hoping that the prospects who suggest that I “lost face” are going to return.

    The problem is, the serious investors had a good idea of not only the patents but on the patent pending inventions that would have changed the way automobiles and power supplies work.

    The old GM and new GM and GMAC (aka Ally) attorneys are relentless even though they know they are wrong and that their clients have violated the laws of the land.

    I will maintain the fight and if not a win, I keep my dignity because I know that I fought the giant to the best of my non-lawyer ability.

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