Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.

Mealer Companies LLC is an important piece of what I expect to become an Historic tool for American Economic Recovery and subsequent global economic recovery. This thought process is neither from my own vanity nor “self-serving interests” as GM’s top people had accused me of in their pithy and libelous attacks from a few days ago. Besides, they apologized and we […]

Mr. Kordella, since you have wholly failed General Motors in product design and as the world is witness, you have very little to stand on as far as attacking me. Since you are a real designer or real automobiles, and by suggestion, these real automobiles are viable under your new god-like leader’s vision… where are they except for on the chopping block awaiting their dismissal as a viable automobile?

As you know, we are building a completely new motorcar—the rear engine Tucker. Being new-comers in the field we have had to start from scratch and work harder and faster than most of you. For example, instead of the 20 months you usually take to produce a new model of conventional design, my engineers have taken less than 10 to perfect a car which I firmly believe opens a new era in motoring.