What makes the MEALER Automobile different?

The MEALER will be presented as two different vehicle chassis and power trains.

  • FIRST:
    You will have the MEALER BV or Bridge Vehicle that will essentially be like (yet so much unlike) other automobiles running on fossil fuels -diesel, bio diesel, propane, gasoline, multi fuel powered- with a clean burning Internal Combustion Engine. This same engine will later be fitted (recalled to be upgraded) with the finalized MEALER-STS induction system which allows any fuel combination to go through the fuel tank and into the engine’s combustion chambers. The Main differences between the 1st Series of  BV and other cars will be; the MEALER BV will operate with a High Performance Multi Fuel engine that produces maximum HP and Torque while providing a minimum of 75 to 100 MPG  between our 2 seat roadster and our mid sized family sedan. This is guaranteed city driving mileage, but with the addition of a secondary drive source (sshhhh) on the trans-axle we can easily top the GM Volt and their best offer on MPG.
    You will have the MEALER FV or Future Vehicle (Originally considered the Flagship Vehicle from our line-up). The FV will use a patented MEALER Sequential Turbo Shaft engine system (deceiving name for a reason and different from the MEALER-STS of the BV series), which enables our vehicles to maintain a constant supply of electrical power that may be redirected to a home or office through a retrofitted breaker box. So, in essence, the MEALER will provide enough 2 and 3 phase power to remove your home from the power grid if you so desire. Not recommended unless you have two vehicles or our optional home power unit which is yet to be decided upon with our business partners and capital funding groups. The MEALER regenerative power is NOT perpetual energy NOR perpetual motion, so the skepticism can go back to sleep now. Our power source comes ‘with the program’ and that’s all you get to read about at the moment on the MEALER power source. We must prevent the Smart Grid from controlling our lives and this is the way. The MEALER will be an option to being told when you can cook and when you can heat or cool your home. The MEALER also kills the Carbon Tax and Cap and Trade that will send America to the poor house.  Just think… You could re-charge your expensive EV by plugging it into the MEALER FV.
  • THIRD:
    Every MEALER chassis and drive train is expected to be All Wheel Drive, with a five to ten speed gear box.
    Our vehicles are expected to be offered with a variety of body styles to suit nearly every one’s needs. Our factory bodies are designed to be constructed with the utmost safety in mind and made with 85% post consumer materials impregnated into our special composite material body. We will also make special offers to non associated bodyshops and mold makers to custom build MEALER automobile bodies and sell them exclusively for and from Mealer American Motors Corporation and Mealer Companies LLC.
  • FIFTH:
    The MEALER Exclusive Design is yet to be introduced, so you will not see those vehicle bodies just yet.
  • SIXTH:
    MEALER expects to release a series of motorcycles powered by a variety of fuels including the MEALER STS engine system as well.
    We hope to have a vehicle reveal soon…

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  1. Eric Burger

    This all sounds like hype. Where is an ACTUAL car that can be demonstrated???

  2. JLM (Post author)

    Hello Eric Burger,

    I can appreciate your skepticism about the MEALER AUTOMOBILE.

    There is nothing to show anyone except the remaining investors as we nail down our funding… Once it’s out, it’s out and we must be already partially through the manufacturing stage prior to advertising.

    The US [Globally owned] Corporations on the globally traded NASDAQ sending labor to China could care less of what damage is done to US mfg and they will gladly steal any proprietary plans and mfg the same American made products using pot-metal that we send to China.

    Many of my business partners associates are upset due to my internet posts and political comments. I could care less what they think… and continue to do what I do.

    Stay in touch and I promise that you will get to be on the first public tour of our power systems and automobile “end of hype tour”.


    JL Mealer

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