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What Does Real Change Mean To You?

Mealer Companies LLC also known as Mealer American Motors Corporation will succeed by manufacturing a variety of top-quality, extremely rugged products with a significant number of money-saving features and options to fulfill the needs of current and future clients. Whether it’s the MEALER Automobile or the MEALER USA made laptop, Mealer Companies means more than just great products. They are the coming solution for the change.

By allowing the MEALER Bridge Vehicle to enter the market first, these automobiles will not only make a reputation of quality automobiles that are versatile, useful, performance oriented and innovative, but also economical and environmentally friendly. In addition to America’s demand for a superior MPG internal combustion engine powered auto and the ability to begin building the “BV” immediately, they also appeal to a global market from the start. 

Anticipation for our Flagship or Future Vehicle (FV) which provides the ecological solution decried by National governments, California (many times over) as well as the United Nations, will be immense. The solution for what many call disastrous, man-made-Global-Warming hasn’t come about just yet, but the greenhouse emissions from fossil fueled cars, trucks and power plants will be resolved. What automaker can make that claim and prove it, besides MealerAMC?

The MEALER FV is a fossil fuel free, non-EV designed to provide 3-phase power to a home or office or tent city for that matter when it is parked.

We are talking a fully programmable automobile with all the bells and whistles and safety requirements to race around a NASCAR track.

JL Mealer believes in the safety factor of his products to such an extent that he will demonstrate the safety features of the MEALER Automobile as a televised and living crash test dummy…
He expects to play the dummy, so you don’t have to.

The MEALER will fully demonstrate quality, reliability and retail potential of what American Ingenuity can produce and manufacture without the UAW, UAC and AFL-CIO restraints.

“Big deal!” Many readers say… “A new US automaker, it was bound to happen… I’m not excited in the least”.

Here’s a big difference with Mealer Companies LLC. Employees with MealerAMC and any affiliate with Mealer Companies will be trained not only to build our great automobiles and power sources, but to eventually begin their own USA Manufacturing business where we will not let them fail. They will become the new backbone for the US economy and will create countless jobs and opportunities for other Americans. Mealer Companies will have the connections for private funding to make these new businesses succeed with the proper training as upper management and CEO positions for their own LLC and Corporations.

This takes “retiring early” to a whole new stage! And a semi retired USA mfg business owner can always hire someone else to run the company as they take a long vacation and enjoy life.

Okay, MealerAMC will give us the beautiful and wide variety of MEALER automobiles we need and to top it off, we get a dependable power source for our homes.

No Carbon Taxes!

No Carbon Cap and trade!

We are now able to be free of both old restraints and the new eco-ties that will destroy our nation.

If you happen to be lucky enough to work for Mealer Companies you will be trained in the clean Green manufacturing industry as well as the dirty much needed manufacturing industry, so that you can leave Mealer Companies and go out on your own with support and the backing of a wide variety of funding sources and experts in the field of making a fortune while re-building this great nation of ours. If you still can’t find a job by the time Mealer Companies early retirees leave for their own new ventures, perhaps you can work for one of these new great companies.

I am certain that Mealer Companies will begin a variety of training schools while working with community colleges if the need arises.

America has a real future with this plan… They can keep the Change, because America really doesn’t need the current administration’s version of change.

Mealer Companies expects other institutions to do the same plan as and rally this nation back into the global leadership role the USA was meant to serve.

We as Americans are the builders and fabricators of the world.

We as Americans lead the way when we fail.

We also lead the way when we win.



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5 Responses to “Real Change in the Business System Begins Here!”

  1. Steve Shap on June 2nd, 2009 7:52 AM

    Very, very intrigued by your concept and approach to the market. Especially the combination of “unique” vehicles and “supported, yet entrepreneurial” approach to manufacturing and marketing.

    Put me down as VERY interested!

  2. Bob Maxwell on June 2nd, 2009 12:45 PM

    Hello Mr. Mealer,
    I read your comments on Automotive News today and my Company, The GREAN (Green Renewal Energy Alliance Network)Company would like to discuss the opportunity to discuss working with your company to help sell and distribute your vehicles.
    I have been involved in the “Green Vehicle” industry for the past 4.5 yrs and have several key contacts that could assist us.

    Please email me at so we can begin a dialog and see if it make sense for both of us.

    The problem I’ve seen is there are hundreds of small companies trying to find funding and distribution instead of developing a “Group” effort to over some so many roadblocks.

    Thank you,
    Bob Maxwell
    Founder / President
    The G.R.E.A.N Company

  3. JLM on June 4th, 2009 2:22 PM

    Sure Steve.
    We need the push for US mfg in other arenas as well. If you haven’t read my views of American MFG and jobs, then please find them and tell me if you agree.
    JL Mealer

  4. JLM on June 4th, 2009 2:23 PM

    I will do just that. Everything helps and your contacts could prove useful.
    Will they have issues that I am not a Greenie type?
    JL Mealer

  5. JLM on June 7th, 2009 10:15 AM

    We are able to keep the cost down so that we can keep the machines affordable. The jobs we expect to create with our plans to guide others into their own like-minded businesses will change the face of the dying American dream as we create a whole new workforce. Without manufacturing jobs… America is a borderline third world country selling other nations products to welfare recepients, lottery winners, the eternally wealthy, and successful salesmen/women.

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