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Mealer Companies LLC is now going with yet another vague Word Press site to replace the vague Word Press site at betterconstructed.com.

Soon Mealer American Motors Corporation will be funded and well underway to manufacturing the next generation of American built Green Automobiles.

The MEALER will also power your home or office when it is not being driven.

This Word Press site will be replaced with our updated and information packed website very soon….

And as the sign says, “Coming Up Sooner Than You Think…”

JL Mealer



  1. Yoav Kamkaji

    Dear Sir,
    We are a start-up company (Onyx Motors) situated in Israel.
    We have a patent (PCT) for a motion converter that, when embedded in an internal combustion engine, can give this engine the same power output than a 2-Stroke engine, without the pollution negative aspect.
    Giving almost twice the power of standard 4-Stroke engines, it works on regular fuel, has a dedicated lubrication system – the oil is not mixed to the fuel- and a highly efficient internal gases flux exchange.
    These advantages yield to a high power output, low noxious emissions, and low specific consumption.
    For the end user, all these advantages translate into more power for a cheaper exploitation, for less weight, and for less pollution.
    It does not need any special tooling to manufacture.
    We believe that our invention is of interested for your company and we think of a possible profitable cooperation altogether.
    I remain at your convenience for further information.
    Best regards,
    Yours truly (for Onyx Motors),
    Dr. Yoav Kamkaji
    E-mail: kyy013@013.net.il
    Tel 972-2-651 49 40

  2. ambupfak

    Hi, courteous posts there :-) thank’s for the gripping word

  3. DG Cayse

    JL – Sounds like a winner. When you start hiring, contact me.
    DG Cayse

  4. JLM (Post author)

    Sure thing.. Stay in touch.

  5. Jon McGlothlin

    Dear Sir,

    It sounds like this has industrial applications also, ie mobile and stationary welders, etc.
    I, like the person above would like to be contacted when you start training.



  6. JLM (Post author)

    Will do Jon.
    Thanks for the interest.

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