Mealer Automobile. Blatt-Soda biofuel, et al.


Mealer Companies LLC
Home of the MEALER AUTOMOBILE and energy device.

Mealer Companies is building you a completely different type of self-contained, renewable fueled automobile.  Our vehicle has been in the making for roughly 20 years… Before non-fossil fuel powered automobiles were popular with the university crowd. This is about more than national energy independence…

The MEALER is about your personal independence.

No smart grid to control you.

No carbon taxes to maintain your need for government hand-outs.

No laws or political elitist reasoning why you must “under-perform” to meet the demands put in place through anti-American, flawed ideolology concerning the over-educated opinion from someone else.

The MEALER is about you, your family, your country and the choices you make, the roads you follow…
Wherever you may live and whoever you may be.

And we’re Coming up sooner than you think…

You can’t ask for much more, except affordability…  And we give you that too. Practical, Dependable, Beautifully Crafted, Innovative with optional customer interchangeable bodies.

The only roadworthy and full powered motor vehicle that is truly carbon tax exempt. The MEALER will provide electrical power to your home or office when it is parked making many people refer to it as the Swiss Army Knife of transportation. The MEALER goes well beyond the concept of what other “exciting new innovative automakers” proclaim to be their remake of the first 1840’s electric automobile.

The MEALER is truly a new vehicle, with a new drive train and new power source.

Otherwise, it would not have my name prior to our potential name branding… But once a Mealer, always a Mealer.

JL Mealer
Mealer Companies LLC
America’s Next Major Automaker
& 100% Self-Regenerative-Fueled
High Capacity Electricity Producing Device MFG
(However, the MEALER is not perpetual motion)

JL MealerMEALER; Definition: (Verb) To pulverize, to make anew, to grind down and re-form/re-shape from dust, sustaining element, et al.
(Noun) Object or person with the ability to provide a new beginning of an item or items by pulverizing and combining, exemplifying the past to shape the future of those around them.
(Adjective) Make new or better from infinite particles.
(Adverbial Clause, Conjunct, Adjunct, Disjunct, Expletive)  As in; “You’ve been Mealer’d!” In a good way…

[Definitions of Mealer potentially embellished upon by myself… But they fit.]